Treasure hunt at the turn of the century

Castle district, Jewish quarter, bank district... Do you know all the hidden stories?

Our most popular tours have always been the ones showcasing the famous sights and secrets of a particular part of the city that we enhance with some investigation on your part. You have to guess, look out for and find the hidden treasures of the city while you eat or have a drink at the recommended locations in the area.

A statue comes alive! Ronald Reagan observes the city, looking for the once emblematic places and tries to find his way in today's busy streets. Another place shows the interconnections between the past of the Italians living here and that of the Hungarian Parliament. Spanish colleagues? Germans? We will find typical parallels with the former and present Budapest in the form of a game.

Price of the tour / person: from 17,000 HUF + VAT / person

The tour can be in Hungarian or English (translation into other languages is possible)

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