Street food tour

This is a great opportunity to give your employees some culinary rewards. If you choose this package, we will take you to some of the most prominent places in the city, you can taste the freshest flavours of Budapest and culinary experts will let you into the secrets of their food.

Currently, street food is the sexiest gastro-theme in Budapest. Countless new places have been opened, but only a few are outstanding - these are the ones that you should try. We can find the best places within walking distance, or if you prefer, we can take a bus to the secret places.

You can choose from the following categories: vegan street food, juicy and greasy meat, pulled pork, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit drinks, the perfect vegetable stew and of course the mandatory burger and pizza. We can take you to the best places to have coffee, pastries, and ice cream or craft beer.

Tour duration: at least 3 hours, optimally 5 hours

Recommended group size max 40 people (or in case of groups larger than 20 people the group needs to be divided into groups of 20 at the most)

Price of the tour / person: from 18,000 HUF + VAT / person

The tour can be in Hungarian or English (translation into other languages is possible)

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