Modern Budapest

We have found a tiny area within the city, doable by walking, where every corner reflects the city's fresh new face. So, if you want to know the modern Budapest and the trends of the past two decades, join us for this walk.

What am I actually talking about? About two buildings where modern architectural methods were used to reconstruct contemporary buildings. About the first speciality coffee house in the city, which redefined the city's image as the city of hundred-year-old coffee houses.

What does a state-of-the-art bakery look like? Which coffee house employs people with disabilities? What is the best vegan street food in Budapest?

These are all examples where old meets new. We are in the oldest market hall, yet we see the most modern service providers. A cool shopping mall with a flea market. What do you think of a sing-along or a drum session in one of the concert halls that have the best acoustics?

Tour duration: at least 4 hours

Recommended group size max. 30 people (in case of groups larger than 20 people, the group needs to be divided into groups of 15 at the most)

Price of the tour / person: from 18,000 HUF + VAT / person

The tour can be in Hungarian or English (translation into other languages is possible)

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