Meet a queen in Gödöllő

We also offer an excellent tour in a rural town. We have an adventurous 19th-century role-playing game for those who want to leave the metropolitan environment behind for a while.

We find ourselves next to a stable, with a bunch of cheerful, jolly people. It is a holiday, the birthday of the Queen. On this occasion, the stable-boys await us with different games: darts, grass land Olympics and puzzles, but then a lady appears. No one knows or has seen her before, but she also takes part in the games, so people do not care much about where she came from. She might be a friend of the host.

Hungarian-style lunch, with the most sophisticated kitchen technology: what do you say? This restaurant could easily be in downtown Budapest, but these tables and chairs are actually located in a rural mill.

From here, we can only go to one place: let's see Sissi's castle. We make our way through splendid halls, until we catch sight of someone in one of the rooms. Her face is very familiar, and her dress is beautiful. Who could she be? Could she be...?

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