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We started to write the blog ”A day in the city” (Egy nap a városban) in 2010. As a result of four years’ work, having published more than a thousand posts we could not be more certain that we know Budapest like the back of our hands.

We know the hidden places, tunnels and passages, the stories and secrets of emblematic buildings, places to enjoy coffee or taste sirloin, and the best scenes to launch a teambuilding flashmob. In one word, we can organise a whole day to make you feel you have visited a new city where each corner has its own surprises.

We started our weekend tours during spring 2012, and that summer also organised our first team building programme. Since then we have conceptualised tours in Budapest for high-profile companies such as Google. We have organised tours for fifty professionals from abroad, and ten Hungarian colleagues, too. There have been team building sessions based on gastronomy, and others focusing on the secret places of Budapest. There have been ones about history and others about culture. Or these topics altogether, involving each team member.

During preparation, we have taken into consideration the group members' nationalities so that we can show them parts of the town that they would find relevant. Furthermore, with the themes of our tours we have met the demand for topics, such as “innovation” and “property development”. Some people just wanted to have fun and play games. Some wanted to take long walks and others did not want to walk at all. We met all kinds of demands.

We have created a number of general programmes that you might choose from – these can be found on the site. Should you have any special requirements, we are ready to fulfil them.

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Team Building Events

Get to know the town where your firm is located

Do you know the place where you work? Do you really know the place where you work?

You may not know the neighbourhood that well after all. You may not know, for example, what mysterious events took place in the cellar of the house opposite. You may not know where to go for coffee, for a quick bite or for a really good lunch. We will give you a taste of all possibilities.


Street food tour

This is a great opportunity to give your employees some culinary rewards. If you choose this package, we will take you to some of the most prominent places in the city, you can taste the freshest flavours of Budapest and culinary experts will let you into the secrets of their food.


Let's get around in Budapest

Can you imagine stimulating your mind and body at the same time? Well, this tour does exactly that.

It's entirely up to you: We can start at the CsoPa, a science centre for adults, or at the emerging cultural centre of the city, where we can pass galleries and exhibitions and even go into one or two. Your task in teams will be to find the hidden hints and messages and thereby understand the larger picture.


Treasure hunt at the turn of the century

Castle district, Jewish quarter, bank district... Do you know all the hidden stories?

Our most popular tours have always been the ones showcasing the famous sights and secrets of a particular part of the city that we enhance with some investigation on your part. You have to guess, look out for and find the hidden treasures of the city while you eat or have a drink at the recommended locations in the area.


One day in the city for foreign co-workers

It is not uncommon for co-workers working in different places around the world to meet in Budapest. In such cases, it is important that they get acquainted with each other and find out more about the city as well. We can find the balance between these two situations.


Premium games and excellent dinner

For those who prefer to have fun without walking around, but still have the opportunity to enjoy the bustle of the city.

This package is recommended for those who would like to entertain their colleagues or current or prospective customers, but do not like uptight dinners. This event will definitely bring out the child in you.


What does vegan mean?

For those who want to have an open and inclusive team.

It is often said that the key to the survival of mankind is to consume a lot less meat. It is worth preparing for such a future in time and start to get to know some plant-based foods. Besides letcho, of course.


Modern Budapest

We have found a tiny area within the city, doable by walking, where every corner reflects the city's fresh new face. So, if you want to know the modern Budapest and the trends of the past two decades, join us for this walk.


Meet a queen in Gödöllő

We also offer an excellent tour in a rural town. We have an adventurous 19th-century role-playing game for those who want to leave the metropolitan environment behind for a while.


Why us?

We are Budapest-experts

We write about the city for 10 years now. We are working with professional guides, and the are the best. We published a book about Budapest, how you can feel great in the city.

Unique tours

There are no two similar tours with us. Even when you choose from the list above, we examine the group, the age, the origin and image of your company, and every single special needs.

99% satisfaction

The feedbacks we received in the last few years were always positive. However we maintain 1% for improvement.


Activities advertised on this website are carried out by Blogváros Kft. Tours are conceived and organised by the authors of A day in the city blog.

Blog: varosban.blog.hu

Email: info@egynapavarosban.hu